It has become a trend in Bollywood to make movies which malign Hinduism in some way. Either Hindus are shown as backward people living with dogmatic approach in modern world or as some kind of terrorist
who are indugled in crimes to threat other people living peacefully in India. To give movies the

touch of reality, real incidents from past are transformed in accordance to the storyline of movies.

Its all allowed in name of creativity and freedom of expression. Movie makers just show a message before starting the film that “Its a work of fiction. Its resemblance with any living being or incident is a mere coincidence”. Then starts the movie with distorted facts. We all know its a formality. Whatever viewers listen, affects them. Whether its their mind, thinking or behaviour. How many people in India watch movies just for entertainment purpose and not get affected by them. Perhaps only few in this dragon population.

Bollywood celebrities become trend setters. They become role model of many people. Then why bollywood is so despised with Hinduism that it keeps hurting the sentiments of India’s majority population time and again.

If we take some time to look around & think, the answer is obviously visible. First thing is human nature which constantly hunt for fresh gossips for entertainment. So, even anything controversial attracts it.

Next comes the truth of Hindus’s social life. Only very few Hindus are educated to understand everything rationally. Those who are fortunate enough to fall in this category have given up many superstitions and living like all modern ones without sacrificing their religious values. But rest are common people living simple life with less knowledge of religion, politics and system. They are either unaware of some old pointless practices in Hinduism or unable to remove them. So, story writers get enough ingredients to cook up a fictional story which stirs everyone. Also bollywood from its begining have strong presence of muslims. Its difficult to say exactly when their contribution to added anti Hindu feelings. Moreover connection of bollywood to underworld and dubai bosses is no more secret. All they want is huge monetary returns for their investment. For last few years, Hindus have developed a sense of unity and nationalism. Ruling powers of market are encashing it into profit.

Producers come up with a story which invite criticism from majority Hindus. Politicians play their own agenda on these films. People get engaged in either criticising or defending it. Either way, the movie get enough publicity before its release. No surprise, they earn hundred crores. Especially contemporary events in India and world about
growing terrorism have shaken everyone’s conscience.

A selective group of people defending terrorism directly or indirectly add to people’s anger. And in the angry state of mind, they do not understand that they have fallen into the trap of whom they are angry with. One group despised with Hindus definitely watches the movie. Others,criticising it watch to how it has defamed Hindus and Hinduism. Bingo. It gets grand opening. Profit is distributed
to all share holders including movie team to journos, paid critics & politicians.

Producers make money by playing with emotions of people. Promoting a particular ideology and drifting away gullible Hindus from Hinduism goes parallel. Only way to stop it is by responding with quiet mind. Hindus must acknowledge and understand what’s going around.

How they are making them rich who play with their emotions. Viewers must work on their intelligent quotient as well as emotional quotient. There is a saying :- “One who make you angry, can control your mind”.

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